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    Ready to streamline your restaurant ordering process? Look no further than Combotech OrderExpress™. This best solution is perfect for your restaurant's waiter or waitress and kitchen staffs communite even they are not speaking the same language.

    Ordering make easy
    Combotech OrderExpress™ manages an operates the entire ordering prorcess from assigning seat for customer and order food to kitchen throught closing the table or payments. Host does not have walk around searching any available seats, waiter or waitress does not have to run back and foward to kitchen, spend no time in getting the check ready without making mistakes, and manager save time on end of day reportings.

    When you use Combotech OrderExpress™ you can:

    • A good view of your restaurant's table chart on a screen, so let you know that which tables are available, occar, and ready to pay in short preiod of time.
    • The waiter or waitress know what are tables they are serving without ....
    • As a owner of a restaurant, you don't have to worry about you staffs or partner cheap on you. (click here to learn more)
    • Waiter or waitress can order the food on a very friendly tourch screen, instead writing on a pice of paper.
    • Your kitchen staff and waiter or waitress don't have to know the same language, because OrderExpress support multiple language. (click here to learn more)
    • A table can split checks up to 15.
    • Get your daily, monthly or yearly business report in one touch button.


    Click here to learn more a take a Combotech OrderExpress™ tour.
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